European Vapour Recovery Association an organisation for and by professionals


Support & Knowledge centre of the degassing world. 

Degassing (cargo) tanks has a negative effect on the

environment and urban areas.




There for Manufacturers and Service Providers have united in the

European Vapour Recovery Association (EVRA).

EVRA is...

A joint Initiative of European Service Providers in Degassing and Emission reduction.

Joint Platform

EVRA for members to share Legislation,
Knowledge and development.

Joint Knowledge

EVRA serves as a working instrument and key Player for both Industry and Authorities.

Members Preferred

EVRA has a members section on the website for advise on Legislation, Standardization, Authorities and Industry.


EVRA Engineering

Our members cooperate in engineering BAT (Best Available Technology) by combining technologies in the Field.


Shipping as well as Industry

EVRA strives to see the whole market rather than to concentrate just on one aspect of it.

Communication with Authorities

EVRA has a seat on the Nationwide TaskForce Degassing en Route


AS of 2021 EVRA will have a QGM (Quarterly General Meeting).

Press Coverage

EVRA board members communicate with all related Press as One.


EVRA presently has 12 Members Listed on our website

Members Gallery


Excellence in Vapour Reduction by Abatement

EVRA gets you there……………

European Vapour Recovery Association (EVRA)

Lindelaan 1,
4795 RT, Sint-Maartensdijk
The Netherlands